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English Mountain Recovery is a 90 day 12 Step based drug alcohol addiction treatment center.  English Mountain Recovery provides life-changing care to people suffering with substance abuse and other addictive disorders.  Family support is provided for the client’s family members to achieve a comprehensive recovery foundation.

Our clients learn the significance of using the 12 Step recovery program in their personal recovery process. When admitted each client uses the English Mountain Recovery workbook combined with 12 Step recovery work.  We believe a foundation of recovery to overcome addictive disorders is based on the 12 Step philosophy originated by Alcoholics Anonymous.

We see people who were once hopeless recover every day, and you can too!

We find that incorporating various modalities of therapy enhance and improve an individual’s recovery and their new way of life.

I could not have gone one more day without the help that I have received here. I never looked at the beauty in my life before, but my eyes are wide open to it now.
Since I’ve been here on English Mountain I’m learning how to deal with my problems. I’m learning a new way to live without the use of drugs. I’m finding out who I am, and what I want to be. I’m very grateful to be here, I feel very blessed to have another chance at life. I’ve found peace within myself and I can say I love me today.